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Contact Dreamway Unlimited LLC in Anchorage Alaska for your House Cleaning Service, Janitorial Service, Window Cleaning Service needs.

Clean Bathroom - Contact our cleaning company in Anchorage, Alaska, for affordable cleaning services and lawn maintenance.

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Click here to listen to Former Anchorage, Mayor Rick Mystrom's testimonial.

This is Rick Mystrom, last week the folks at Dreamway asked me to a testimonial ad for them. Well I usually get quite a few requests like that, and usually I politely decline, but I mentioned it to my wife Mary and she said you really should do it. I said really? Why? She said well, in ten years of Dreamway, they always show up, they do a great job and they always respond to any special requests I might ask them to do. When their done they always leave this little card on the counter asking if there is anything better they can do the next time. And Mary said I have never, ever worried about leaving them in our house when Im gone. Well, I had'nt really thought about all those details before. I just knew they had pleasant, reliable employees and when they left the house was always perfectly clean.

I came home this evening and I want to thank you for the fabulous job. Our place was a mess, I was embarassed. Your professional staff did not make us feel that the job was too big, or that they were inconvienenced in any way by the enormity of it all . Thanks for taking the akwardness out of getting your house cleaned professionally clean for the first time.

Hazel Munoz